AATS Mitral Conclave 2013 - Thought Leaders Video Interviews

AATS Mitral Conclave 2013

The AATS Mitral Conclave 2013 convened on May 2nd and 3rd, 2013, to bring the world's leading figures in mitral valve disease together to discuss management guidelines, imaging, pathology, minimally invasive procedures, percutaneous approaches, surgical techniques, devices, and long-term results.

The 1,000+ attendees included leaders in the field of mitral valve surgery and physicians from more than 60 countries. The Mitral Foundation is proud to have sponsored this video series, “Thought Leaders” hosted by Dr. Randy Martin.

View the complete AATS Mitral Conclave 2013 webcast at www.aats.org/mitral

Randy Martin provides an inside look at the AATS 2013 Mitral Conclave.

Randolph P. Martin
Piedmont Heart Institute
Atlanta, GA, USA


Randy Martin and Hartzell Schaff, AATS Past President, 2012-2013, discuss the AATS and how the Mitral Conclave fits into the mission of the AATS.

Hartzell V. Schaff
Mayo Clinic
Rochester, MN, USA


Randy Martin and Program Director, David Adams, discuss the AATS 2013 Mitral Conclave and the state of mitral valve repair in the U.S.

David H. Adams
Mount Sinai Medical Center
New York, NY, USA


Randy Martin, Craig Miller and Steve Bolling discuss the issues in the field of mitral valve repair today.

D. Craig Miller
Stanford University Medical School
Stanford, CA, USA

Steven F. Bolling
University of Michigan
Ann Arbor, MI, USA


Randy Martin and Tomislav Mihaljevic discuss the current status of robotic outcomes and the FDA's recent examination of outcomes.

Tomislav Mihaljevic
Cleveland Clinic
Cleveland, OH, USA


Randy Martin and Tirone David discuss Dr. David's recent, landmark paper in Circulation, recent outcomes he has observed and offer advice to repair-surgeons.

Tirone E. David
Toronto General Hospital
Toronto, ON, Canada


Randy Martin and Patrick McCarthy discuss the current status of tricuspid valve surgery and where Dr. McCarthy thinks the new guidelines will settle.

Patrick M. McCarthy
Northwestern Memorial Hospital
Chicago, IL, USA


Randy Martin and Rakesh Suri discuss the current status of robotic surgery and the recent FDA examination of outcomes

Rakesh Suri
Mayo Clinic
Rochester, MN, USA


Randy Martin and Robert Klautz discuss the current state of Mitral Valve Repair.

Robert J.M. Klautz
Leiden University Medical Center
Leiden, Netherlands


Randy Martin and Vincent Chan discuss advice for trainees that want to get started in mitral surgery and what it is like to lead a program one year out of training.

Vincent Chan
University of Ottawa Heart Institute
Ottowa, ON, Canada


Randy Martin and Taweesak Chotivatanapong discuss rheumatic valve surgery in Asia, the burden of the disease, and how Dr. Chotivatanapong's centers are pioneering therapy.

Taweesak Chotivatanapong
Chest Disease Institute
Nonthaburi, Thailand


Randy Martin and Robert Dion discuss what is new in heart failure and mitral regurgitation. Dr. Dion offers his view of the trials in the cardiac network and Coapt.

Robert A. Dion
Ziekenhuis Oost-Limbburg/Cardiac Surgery
Genk, Belgium


Randy Martin, Ryohei Yozu and Yukikatsu Okada discuss the status of mitral valve and tricuspid repair in Japan compared to the U.S. and Europe.

Ryohei Yozu
Keio University School of Medicine
Tokyo, Japan

Yukikatsu Okada
Kobe City Medical Center
Kobe, Japan


Randy Martin and Vinay Badhwar future research areas in Mitral Valve Repair and repair rates for different etiologies and populations.

Vinay Badhwar
University of Pittsburgh Medical Center
Pittsburg, PA, USA


Randy Martin and Ottavio Alfieri discuss the new ESC/EACTS guidelines for valvular heart disease and whether enough repairs are getting done in Europe.

Ottavio Alfieri
Stanford University Medical School
Stanford, CA, USA


Randy Martin, Pedro del Nido and Tom Spray discuss the debate on the best valve replacement in small children/young adults, how to prepare children for surgery and what's next in pediatric valve surgery.

Pedro del Nido
Boston Children's Hospital
Boston, MA, USA

Thomas L. Spray
Children's Hospital of Philadelphia
Philadelphia, PA, USA


Randy Martin and Nguyen van Phan discuss rheumatic disease in Asia and how his centers are pioneering therapy.

Nguyen van Phan
Trieu An Hospital
Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam


Randy Martin, Mani Vannan, Alain Berrebi, and Ivan Salgo discuss the current status of mitral and structural heart imaging -- what's new, what's next, and what we need.

Mani A. Vannan
University Hospital
Columbus, OH, USA

Ivan S. Salgo
Philips Healthcare
Boston, MA, USA

Alain Berrebi
HEGP and Institut Mutvaliste Montsouris
Paris, France


Randy Martin and Mike Mack discuss the current status of the Coapt Trial, the recent FDA vote on the mitral clip, and exciting advances in percutaneous surgery.

Michael Mack
Baylor Health Care System - The Heart Hospital
Plano, TX, USA


Randy Martin and Michael Borger discuss what is new at Liepzig, the current status of mitral surgery in Germany, and new advances.

Michael Borger
University of Leipzig
Leipzig, Germany


Randy Martin and Joseph Woo discuss how to set up a mitral program.

Joseph Woo
Hospital of the University of Pennsylvania
Philadelphia, PA, USA


Randy Martin and Jose Pomar, the President of EACTS discuss the mitral conclave, standardizing mitral repair, and the best way forward in terms of educating patients and surgeons.

Jose Pomar
University of Barcelona
Barcelona, Spain


Randy Martin and Joseph Lamelas discuss the process of setting up a mitral program.

Joseph Lamelas
Mount Sinai Cardiothoracic Surgery
Miami Beach, FL, USA


Randy Martin and James Gammie discuss future research areas for mitral valve repair and whether we will be able to understand repair rates for different etiologies in the future.

James Gammie
University of Maryland Medical Center
Baltimore, MD, USA


Randy Martin and Hugo Vanerman discuss educating patients on the different approaches to mitral surgery and how patients in Europe get referred to mitral valve centers.

Hugo Vannerman
O.L.V. Clinic
Aalst, Belgium


Randy Martin and Francis Wells discuss the Bishop's mitre and the early evolution of mitral disease knowledge, along with the current state of centers in Great Britain.

Francis Wells
Papworth Hospital/NHS Trust
Cambridge, United Kingdom


Randy Martin and Medtronic's Senior Vice President and President of Medtronic Structural Heart, John Liddicoat, discuss the intersection of surgery and technology. Dr. Liddicoat offers the industry perspective on heart surgery.

John Liddicoat
Medtronic and Medtronic Structural Heart
Minneapolis, MN, USA


Randy Martin and Corporate Vice President of Edwards Lifesciences, Don Bobo, discuss the current state of mitral valve disease in the U.S. and the need for additional education around mitral valve repair.

Don Bobo
Edwards Lifesciences
Irvine, CA, USA